The Expat Study 2014

Udgivet af: Oxford Research december 2014
En undersøgelse af, hvordan højtkvalificeret udenlandsk arbejdskraft synes det er at leve og arbejde i Danmark, og hvad der skal til for at de bliver længere

The Expat Study 2014 explores the state of the expat agenda by examining how expats in Denmark perceive their lives here and why they do so. This allows the many stakeholders within the expat field to assess how the attraction and retention of highly skilled expats has progressed since the last study in 2010, and identify and address potential areas for improvements.

The Expat Study 2014 has been conducted differently, compared to the previous studies. In the last Expat Study from 2010, respondents were reached through different networks and workplaces and an overwhelming amount of respondents were researchers which may have influenced the results of the study. In the 2014-study, the data was drawn by Statistics Denmark and includes a random sample of expats, representing the entire population of expats in Denmark. This has made it possible to comment on assessments, satisfaction etc. among all types of expats both in relation to areas such as sectors, branches and geography.


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